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Firefox users know that there are many ways to protect their online privacy. One extension that can help you with this is Cookie Quick Manager.

Cookie Quick Manager is a Firefox extension that lets you Search, Delete, Protect site-specific cookies

You may consider it as an alternative to Cookie AutoDelete or Forget Me Not which provide similar functionality.

Cookie quick manager menu

Visit any web page and click on the Cookie Quick Manager button on the Firefox toolbar to view the add-on’s menu; it displays six options. The first one is Manage All Cookies which opens the manager dashboard in a new tab in the browser. The dashboard lists each and every cookie that has been stored by your browser. Use the search bar to quickly find a particular website’s cookie to manage it.

The Context option indicates whether the cookie is stored in the default container or your custom container. Yes, it works with Mozilla’s Multi-Account Containers extension (which if you aren’t using already, you really should consider for protecting your online privacy).

Select a cookie on the left panel to view its information, domain, context, and other information. You can edit the cookies to use only http or secure, or set them to expire at a specific time and date of your choice. Right-click on a cookie to view a context menu. You can use it copy the cookie information to the clipboard or save it to a JSON file. The Protect option is a whitelist mode that protects selected cookies; useful if you don’t want certain cookies, e.g. those that handle session information, to be deleted. If you wish to clear the protected cookies, select them and click on the Unprotect option.

Note: Cookies that are protected can be identified by the have a padlock icon that’s displayed in the “Cookies” panel (center of the screen).

The browser toolbar icon has options to delete all cookies, only those dropped by the website you’re on, all context cookies (includes sub-domains), and the site’s local data stored by Firefox.

Warning: If you use Firefox’s Options to delete the browsing data, it will delete all the cookies. The extension does not prevent the deletion, so if you wish to protect the cookies, you should use the extensions cookie deletion option.

The delete option can be used to clear a site’s cookies directly from the dashboard. The copy to container menu lets you save a cookie from one container to another. For e.g. if you have logged in to Google, Twitter, Amazon or other sites, you can use the option to copy them to a different container (use Mozilla’s add-on to create more containers) before selecting the cookie’s context (container) and delete the one(s) you don’t need (for e.g. default, Personal, etc). The toolbar at the bottom left lets you delete all cookies, export/import cookie and domain date. The buttons on the right essentially perform the same functions as the options in the context menu.

Cookie Quick Manager has a Settings page that you can access from the menu, or from the Firefox add-ons page. There is a setting which you can enable to delete cookies automatically when you restart the browser (Options > Privacy), but remember you’ll have to manually “Protect” the cookies that you wish to preserve.

Cookie quick manager settings

The Settings page is also home to a built-in backup tool for saving and restore the extension’s settings, which is useful in case you reinstall Firefox. The extension has a few keyboard shortcuts.

Cookie Quick Manager is an open source extension. It’s also available for the Android version of Firefox.

Do you use a cookie managers and containers to protect your privacy?

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