ACTIVE Network and Dallas Park & Recreation Team Up for Park Cleanup – 10 minute mail – Tempemail

On January 28, ACTIVE Network team members and Dallas Park & Recreation staff spent their Saturday morning cleaning up Bitter Creek Park in South Dallas.
Starting at 10 a.m., nearly 15 participants got gloves, trash grabbers and trash bags and started walking up and down the waterway picking up trash.
“The weather was cool, and the sun was out,” Heeseon Suki, ACTIVE employee, says. “It made for the perfect morning to clean up.”
In all, participants were able to gather 27 full bags of trash and three car tires in a two-hour period!
“It was my first volunteering experience with the team,” Vimala Chepur, ACTIVE employee, says. “It went really well, and I can’t wait for more opportunities in the future.”
It’s always a rewarding experience for ACTIVE employees to be able to give back to the community, particularly when partnered with amazing organizations like Dallas Park & Recreation.
Check out the pictures below for a quick look at the fun-filled morning.

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